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W22611 - Angel - Tabby and white, female
four kittens
W22711 - Dougal - Black & white, male
W22811 - Mowgli (Scooby) - Tabby and white, male (pink nose)
W22911 - Tabatha - Tabby and white, female (brown nose)
W23011 - Dora - - Tabby and white, female (Pink nose with brown spot)

Angel and her four kittens joined us at the end of Dec 2011 when the kittens were about 4/5 weeks old, she appears to be a young cat probably about 12 months, this could be her second litter. She has been a very attentive mother and the kittens are all developing well and are partially weaned now at 7/8 weeks and she does not need to feed them so often. She loves to be fussed and picked up and stroked, but shes now reached the point where she wants time away from the kittens, often sleeping separate from them. She gets on well with our other foster cat allowing her to groom the kittens, she even tolerates our own male cat when he checks out the food dishes.

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