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Pixie came into our foster care in early Dec 2011, she had been in the cattery for several weeks before being transferred to a home environment. She is very shy and cautious of approaches from people reaching down towards her, particularly males, but if you sit on the stairs she will come climb on your lap and is very loving and fussy. She gets on well with the other cat and kittens we are also fostering, and has taken to mothering the kittens so that mom can have a rest. She will clean and fuss over them and they more often sleep with her than their natural mum. She even tolerates our own male cat when he sneaks in to help himself to their food. When she first came to us she would only eat GoCat complete food, but has since acquired the taste for both kitten pouches or adult tins but still prefers the biscuits.
She wants to spend time close to people and tries to follow you from room to room, and is quite happy to spend the night at the foot of your bed, but can wander in the night and walk over the top of you. Given a bit of time and encouragement she will become a very friendly and loving companion for whoever offers her a forever home.

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